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Gas Flexible Flue Liner: Approved to BS715 regulations, our gas liner is seam welded and can be used for condensing applications as well as standard gas appliance chimney lining/oil applications for use with 28 sec kerosene oil Flexible Flue Liner: Our flexible flue liner is approved by HETAS and is BSEN: 1856 tested to conform to UK and European testing for flexible flue finer.

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The flexible flue systems from 80mm to 160mm are available for use with our gas and oil condensing boilers. Available in a selection of lengths from 10 meters to 50 meters. Transition sections from rigid to flex complete with integral riser support. Centralising brackets to ensure correct routing within the existing shaft. A choice of []

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Flexible Gas Liners Our gas and oil flue liner (often known as Gas Flex) is a Class 2 liner suitable for gas and kerosene (28 second) oil appliances. Available in 4-12 inch diametersIt is manufactured from a single skin of 316L grade stainless steel and is approved

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For smokeless fuels, or slumbering appliances, please use a liner with a 904 grade inner. Class 2 flue liner, often known as Gas flex or Gas and Oil flexible liner is a single wall flexible flue liner and is suitable for appliances burning gas or 28 Second Oil (Kerosene), where the

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Tecnoflex Plus is a twin skin flexible chimney liner manufactured in the UK by Schiedel. Tecnoflex is for use where the maximum flue gas temperature does not exceed 600°C. It is suitable for gas, oil, wood and multi fuel applications. It is available in 316 and 904 grade

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Sep 16, 2009 · I have to line my old chimney flue before installing a new boiler. I plan to have an stainless liner installed. Flue dimensions are roughly 10 3/4" x 12". The boiler will most likely be a Buderus G215 which has a 6" vent connection. The flue length is 30', and will not be shared with anything else. 2 questions: What diameter liner for this

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Always make sure the flue tiles are entirely cleaned & free of creosote before installing any liner. What if I have 2 or more appliances venting into one "flue"? It is possible to have a gas & oil appliance vented through the same flue, if so you should use a TOP-Flex 316TI liner.

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Apr 23, 2013 · Just had chimney cleaned. Tech cleaned Jotul insert and its liner. He also inspected the oil fired boiler flue. He said the tiles are in really rough shape (cracks, disintegrating) and strongly recommends a liner in the next year - tops.


CONVENTIONAL FLEXIBLE FLUE LINER GREENSTAR OILFIT FLEXI CF FLUE 6720807911 The boiler and flue form part of the controlled services for the building. BS 5410: part 1: Code of practice for Oil Fired Boilers.The Building Regulations Part J and L1 England and Wales; Part F and Part J Section III Scotland;

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Mi-Flues is the manufacturer for Quattro-Plus flexible flue liner and distribute thousands of flue and chimney installation parts throughout the country.

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Jan 26, 2005 · What are your opinions about using flexible flue liner between the top of the boiler (oil combi) and the flue, within the confines of what used to be the old warm air chamber that has now been turned into a boiler cupboard.

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Balenced Flue Kit (2) Flexible Flue Kit (3) Flue Extension (3) Heating Filter (1) More > Best for boilers. Best for boilers (2) Colour. Black (4) Blacks and Greys (4) Best for boilers Now with added heat, system & oil boiler offers. Combi boiler offers. Heat & system offers. Oil boiler offers. Resources. Benefits of wolseley.co.uk;

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Best Chimney Liner Kit Reviews & Top Picks for 2018. Fireside Chimney Supply FireFlex 316Ti Basic Flexible Chimney Liner Kit. Contemporary oil furnaces, gas or stoves need a flue of exactly the right size in order to perform correctly. Liners do this job and in doing so, certify prime efficacy of the aforesaid appliances.

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Grant’s latest range of EZ-FIT flues for boilers have been developed to make the installation of Grant boilers both quick and simple, whilst ensuring trouble free operation – even in the most exposed site conditions. All Grant boilers are supplied for connection to one of Grant’s EZ-Fit Flue options (modules come supplied with flue


Flexible flue and chimney liners designed for lining an existing flue or chimney. Wonderflex and Triplelockare single wall stainless steel flexible flue liners designed for atmospheric gas and kerosene appliances where the flue gas temperature does not exceed 260°C. Diameter range Wonderflex 100 - 200mm, Triplelock 80 - 500mm.

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ILS Residential Oil Twin Wall Flue System; Flexible Flue Liner; Display: Grid List. Show: More Info. Flue to Flex Adaptor. This stainless steel adaptor lets you make the connection from your appliance or flue pipe to flexible flue liner. Suitable for gas and 28sec oil.

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Jan 02, 2017 · I see you currently have it hard-connected to the oil pump. If I did it over again, I think I'd put a flexible line section there to facilitate opening the boiler door for cleaning. I'm no expert, but I feel you might have wasted your money with the Tiger loop-the burner and tank are only 10' away from each other and at the same elevation.

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TecnoFlex Plus double skin flexible flue liner Made from corrosion-resistant 316L stainless steel, has corrugated outer and smooth inner skins. Compatible with the screw fit terminal and adaptor ranges. Suitable for use with gas, oil, seasoned wood and smokeless solid fuel where the max. flue gas temperature does not exceed 600°C.

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What is the correct type/kind of flue vent pipe for a residential oil fired boiler? New Yorker S-AP, 6" flue , 1.15 GPH. Reason I ask.. 2 days ago, I began to smell an acrid odor of flue gas in the boiler room. Just a hint. CO detector did not go off, nor did the smoke detector. I even tried

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4" Flexible Flue Liner Products; 5" Flexible Flue Liner Products; Gas Flue Liner. All types of Gas boiler stove flue pipe for gas installations. Available in sizes 4" (100mm) to 9" (225mm) Suitable for lining brick chimneys for use with gas or 28 Sec Oil fires.

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Shop flue pipe for oil & gas burning appliances. Use AL29-4C stainless steel chimney liner kits for gas or oil furnaces and boilers. Flue liner size guide.

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As many older oil fired boilers are traditionally connected to conventional flue systems, updating to a modern condensing boiler of ten results in the appliance needing to be relocated. The Grant EZ–Fit conventional flue has been specifically designed for the Grant Vortex/VortexBlue boiler range to enable the existing chimney to be re-used and the appliance retained in its original position.

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A UL Listed, stainless steel flue liner or a UL Listed, cast-in-place chimney lining system designed to vent the flue gases of oil-fired appliances should be installed. A CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep can properly evaluate, size, recommend and install the appropriate chimney liner for your home heating

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Question: reduce furnace flue vent connector size below furnace outlet size? (Oct 13, 2012) Brent said: I have a single 2650 sq ft home that was once subdivided, one side had a 133,000 btu oil boiler and I have a 115,000 gas boiler. I want to purchase a new boiler to heat both sides which I have zoned.

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Can aluminum chimney liners be used in a clay tile flue that was previously an oil boiler system, but has been a gas boiler system for the past 40 years? A contractor told me that because an oil fired boiler was used previously that I could not use an aluminum liner! Another contractor said I could use an aluminum liner? Who is correct?

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TecnoFlex Plus double skin flexible flue liner made from corrosion-resistant 316 L stainless steel, has corrugated outer and smooth inner skins. Compatible with the screw fit terminal and adaptor ranges. Suitable for use with gas, oil, seasoned wood and smokeless solid fuel where the max. flue gas temperature does not exceed 600°C.

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Within our Solid Fuel Flexible Flue Liner section we have a range of flexible flue Liners in 4" and 5" and 6".

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Oct 26, 2005 · Flu liner advice please for an Oil fired boiler. I have seen a liner which was sitting on the top of a flue section that went as far as the chimney, so a top fixing had been dispensed with. This meant the liner could be pushed up from the bottom. Wood Stove - Connect 5 inch flue to 7 inch flexible liner? Kerlaan

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Gas & 28sec Oil Flexible Flue Liner Kit 100mm. Code: 220000 Approved for condensing boilers. Approved for positive pressure. Tested and passed by BSRIA to BSEN1856-2 T600 P2 W VmL40010 G(25) Turner & Wilson were the first in the world to perfect continuously welded flue linings - a lead still maintained to this day.

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Browsing Heating Flue & Chimney Systems. We stock a large range of flue and chimney systems including vitreous enamel stove pipe, twin wall insulated flue, 316 and 904 grade flexible flue liner and a comprehensive range of specialist and anti-downdraught cowls, chimney boost & dilution fans, terminal guards, lead slates and other flashing systems.

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FURNACE - Oil. Oil furnaces require approved stainless steel liners with a base-T. Oil liners for a furnace chimney are made of stainless steel. They are inserted from the top of the existing chimney and fed down the flue to the point where the furnance pipes enter the wall.

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Worcester Greenstar FS CDi Flexible Flue System 80mm 12m 7716191159 . £734.97 inc VAT. RRP £1,550.64 You Save £815.68

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DuraFlex® Stainless Steel. DuraFlex Pro DuraFlex Pro is the ultimate in flexible steel liners for strength and flexibility. It features 20% more stainless steel per foot compared to other liners on the market. Its extreme flexibility facilitates problem free installations where multiple offsets are needed.

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GRANDEE OIL BOILER FLEXIBLE FLUE. Brand new. £35.00 (£35.00/m) + £9.75 postage; See more like this Grant Vortex Pro 26/36 External FS Regular Boiler Oil ErP & Flue, Inc Vat. 10 Watching. Save flexible boiler flue to get e-mail alerts and updates on

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PelletVent is a venting system for stoves and PelletVent is a venting system for stoves and inserts that use multi-fuels (including wood pellets corn cherry pits switch grass coffee husks walnut shells soybeans wheat sunflower hulls rapeseed and sugar beets) or oil fuel. The DuraVent PelletVent Adjustable Chimney Stove Pipe provides exceptional performance and has an air-insulated double-wall

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Sep 03, 2012 · Oil boilers have a lot more leeway over what types of flue can be used. Generally speaking, most condensing oil boilers can be connected to a rigid stainless flue. However, not any rigid stainless flue, as stated above, the joints have to be designed to be watertight and the flue sections themselves fit for oil condensing appliances.

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A double skinned flexible flue liner suitable for relining within a masonry chimney. Flue liner is suitable for use with burning gas, oil, coal, coke, cured dry logs, cured dry peat. Construction: The flue liner has a smooth inner liner made from 316L grade stainless steel and is 0.12mm thick.

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Jul 06, 2018 · Condensing boiler really worth it? – HVAC-Talk: The mod/cons condense at temps that you’ll be using with your baseboard in the milder temp days. 160 and less.

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This home guide is intended to provide general information about the flue, chimney, and ventilation requirements of domestic oil fired boilers, cookers and stoves, up to 45kW output, used in the home. Your local OFTEC registered technician will be able to advise you on the specific requirements for your property. Flue types