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ATAG boilers are a popular choice for many homeowners due to their unrivalled performance, energy efficiency and reliability. ATAG is an award-winning manufacturer from the Netherlands that is well known for its compact domestic boiler along with providing Europe’s most powerful combination boiler.

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Mar 03, 2019 · Baxi EcoBlue+ Combi. Prices for the Baxi EcoBlue+ range of combi boilers (boiler only packages) start from around £700 and with installation, you can expect to pay around £1,500. Choosing the best boiler for your home can be a challenge but hopefully this article narrows down your focus a

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Atag boiler prices range between £2,050 and £2,450 before installation but including VAT. the company has won many awards around the world and they are repeated winners of the "Best Boiler" awards in the Netherlands. Here is their current full UK range: Atag boiler prices – the range. Model Dimensions (H x W x D) Output Flow rate (max)

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ATAG are a premium brand boiler manufacturer from the Netherlands, although a stake is now owned by Ariston MTS Group. Our customer had selected an ATAG IC Economiser 39, which is a combi boiler augmented with ‘designed at birth’ flue gas heat recovery (rather than tacked on afterwards like most other manufacturers), and reputed to be the

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ATAG is an award-winning company as well and was voted ‘best boiler’ in the Netherlands for 7 consecutive years. About the ATAG Boilers. ATAG designs and manufactures a range of superior quality gas boilers, including their regular, Combi and system boilers. There are two ATAG Combi boilers, the iC Economiser Combi boilers and iC Combi boiler.

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ATAG BV in the Netherlands has announced a realignment of its UK operations. This will see the formation of a new business, ATAG Heating Technology UK Ltd to concentrate on the domestic boiler market with the launch of its new compact boiler, the ‘i’ compact range.

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Feb 26, 2009 · 1) ATAG 2) Viessmann 3) Broag/Remeha But everyone will have their own favourites. It is in the servicing and breakdowns when you see how good a boiler is, and after about 5 years when quality really shines through. These were always the best boilers but because they were not popular in the UK:-1)Installers did not know them.

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ATAG Boiler Prices. So, they provide plenty of power to heat your home and provide more than adequate hot water, the question is, how do ATAG’s boiler prices stack up to other leading brands? This is the only negative when it comes to ATAG boilers; they’re not as cheap as you might think.

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Product Description The IC28 Combi gas boiler is a compact, wall-mounted unit that has been designed and manufactured by ATAG. The compact size, dimensions of 700mm x 440mm x 355mm (hxwxd), mean that the IC28 can fit into a standard sized kitchen cupboard to save you space around the home.

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At ATAG we realise a new boiler is a major investment, therefore it's so important to us that homeowners get the right advice and our ATAG Selected Partners ensure that ATAG customers only ever get the best, safest and most efficient service. Enjoy all of the benefits of your ATAG boiler. Best wishes , ATAG Heating Technology

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The Intergas Combi Compact HR has been a best selling HE boiler in the Netherlands for many years. Its unique double HE technology was a major breakthrough at the time. It is no wonder that the double high efficiency technology forms the basis for the latest generation of HE boilers -

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Sep 15, 2014 · Ariston’s acquisition of Dutch boiler manufacturer ATAG gives them a ready-made strong market position in the Netherlands. Although Remeha (Thermea) and Nefit (Bosch) lead the Dutch market, ATAG has a long history and pedigree in the Dutch market with a

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Compare boiler prices & find out how much your new gas, oil, combi, heat-only or system boiler will cost. Plus Which? experts reveal how to get the best heating engineer quote & insider tips for getting a good boiler installation.

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management system, the ATAG XL boiler is one of the most efficient boilers on the market today. With class leading efficiencies validated by Gastec at 110.3%, XL boilers can theoretically recover 99.3 pence for £1 of gas used. The high efficiency of the boiler also greatly reduces the amount of flue gas emissions ie, CO 2 and NOx. The XL boiler

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Find out more information about ATAG iC Combination Boilers and read some of the latest reviews today for ATAG One of the most efficient boiler on the market. One of the premium boilers we install obviously premium boiler comes at a premium price. Prices around the vaillant price bracket. I’ve fitted most brands of boilers and I’m

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For nearly 70 years, Deutsch manufacturer, ATAG, has been designing and manufacturing high quality boilers. If you’re interested in an ATAG boiler send us an enquiry today and we’ll find you up to 3 Gas Safe heating engineers in your area to provide free quotes for supply and installation.

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In Europe ATAG are known to be the most energy efficient boiler thanks to more than 68 years of manufacturing excellence. For the past 8 years, ATAG have been award with ‘Best Boiler’ in the Netherlands and has an ‘Excellent’ rating on Trustpilot see for yourself here. ATAG produce exceptionally high specification boilers.

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Oct 26, 2018 · Okay, ATAG; I know you want to market yourselves as a premium boiler brand, but COME ON! Worcester Bosch is the market leader, and people are happy to pay that premium price tag because they know they’re getting a Which ‘Best Buy’ and a household name.

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Jan 13, 2012 · No, stay away from Atag. They are, in theory, great boilers, but their support network is terrible. There are very few heating engineers who understand them and the distibution office in the UK is less than helpful in diagnosing problems.

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ATAG Combi Boilers & Prices. There are two Combi boilers by ATAG: the iC Combination boiler and the iC Economiser Combination boiler. The iC Combination boiler is a compact and highly energy efficient model which is available in a range of sizes to suit any size of home. 40kW: 16.2 litres flow rate per minute. Suitable for large homes with more than one bathroom.

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You may not have heard about ATAG before, but you soon will. In Europe they are considered the market leader and for good reason. ATAG have won numerous awards for their high efficiency boilers and market leading customer services. Home Team are proud to support this fantastic manufacturer and their growing range of products.

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Jun 07, 2017 · As to costs, in the Netherlands the government sets a maximum price each year for heating networks, which does not exceed the price of natural gas for heating. So for consumers there are no added costs as long as this policy remains in place. The emission reductions that can be achieved with heating networks depend on the source of the heat.

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Buy Atag Xl110 Wh Cond Natural Gas Boiler 107kw - £4060.56 UK and Worldwide delivery. Atag Part number SA11000G. Service you would expect from a trusted UK company.

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Apr 30, 2015 · ATAG aims to make a splash with UK boilers. in News — 30 Apr, 2015 ; ATAG Heating Technology is bringing a new range of domestic compact boilers to the UK in May. It’s part of the Netherlands company’s £25 million investment in a new UK domestic division.

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This is an awful app to control my boiler! It doesn’t make any sense at all and must have been designed by a man! I cannot put my boiler on for just an hour, if I don’t have my phone for whatever reason I can not control the boiler as the panel is just as bad as the app! All I want to do is turn my boiler

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Jul 15, 2016 · Has anyone come across Atag boilers before..? Looking at options at the moment on a few things, and been offered an Atag A200S system boiler at a rather ridiculous price (or I think so..) They have 5 year warranty but seem to be a commercial unit even though they have a Sedbuk A rating.

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Jan 01, 2019 · According to Energy Saving Trust (EST) the average cost of a boiler service ranges between £50 and £100; more specific one-off boiler service costs are detailed bellow: Npower boiler servicing prices start at £99. British Gas charge from £79 for a boiler service check. EDF Energy boiler service average price is £80.

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Sep 17, 2005 · Plumb Center sell them. I like the ATAG, and they are setup in the UK. Do some research into the service, it may have changed. The ATAG boilers are a slightly larger than average and have a 80mm twin flue system. As it is wider it means it is quieter. The ATAG units are very quiet - they are running at low modulation for a lot of the time too.

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Dec 10, 2018 · An introduction to ATAG boilers. ATAG have been making boilers for over 70 years now. They offer a lot of commercial boilers for large buildings, although they’re not so big on the domestic side. Saying that, they’re very efficient, and Dutch-engineered. I’d say they’re good value for money.

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Atag boiler prices range between £2,050 and £2,450 before installation but including VAT. Viessmann boiler prices range between £840 and £1,220 before installation but including VAT. Baxi boiler prices range between £720 and £1,150 before installation but including VAT.

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ATAG Combi boilers are ideal for small to medium sized homes. Combi boilers are all-in-one compact units which produce hot water on demand for both central heating and domestic use. ATAG offer two types of Combi boiler including their popular iC Combi which delivers high efficiency in a

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Another review ATAG is not looking good Good luck if you go the Atag route. We had one installed and had lots of problems with it. Several different heating engineers and Atag's own UK office were unable to diagnose the fault -- and unwilling to replace the boiler -- so we were forced to repace it in the end. Huge waste of money

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Nov 15, 2012 · This is the Atag A325ec Combi boiler running in hot water mode. Not all boilers actually fully condense in hot water mode. As you can see here this boiler cl

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ATAG Combi Boiler Reviews Not very well known in the UK at all, this Dutch manufacturer makes one of the highest efficiency boilers in the UK, alongside Viessmann of course. Their iCon stainless steel heat exchanger is a very unique design, patented and manufactured in-house by ATAG.

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ATAG Boilers Unrivalled?? Posted by Admin on 06/11/2018 with 0 Comment. In the last few months we have finally got our hands on the new ATAG range. Were they worth the wait?! Getting To Grips With The New ATAG iC Economiser 35. What strikes you first is the unassuming look of the boiler. They have not gone out of their way to make the boiler

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Apr 13, 2010 · I used to fit Worcester as they WERE bullet proof but now will only recommend Remeha Viessmann or ATAG. I actually have a Viessmann fitted in my home and if I had the option I would fit an Atag hands down. The problem with these boilers in the past was spares but you can get the parts next working day now.

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ATAG are industry leaders in safety and efficiency and have been for years! For the same price as the UK market leaders (Vaillant, Worcester) you could have a higher spec, better built; A rated boiler that includes a lifetime guarantee on the heat exchanger!

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Worcester Bosch vs Viessmann – Which is the Better Boiler?. Worcester bosch vs Viessmann comparison is now gaining traction in the UK, as more and more people are looking at the latest Best Buy Boiler report for 2018.. Worcester Bosch boilers are well-established and award-winning in the UK, and their boilers have been installed in over 1 million homes across the UK.

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home > manufactures list > Heating Domestic & Commercial > Commercial and Industrial Boilers > Atag Boilers Atag Boilers MyTub offer an in depth range, ATAG Heating UK Ltd is a leader in compact, wall hung, condensing, system and combination boilers for the domestic and commercial markets.